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I dream of a day when no child watches her mother being beaten by her father, when no child needs to cover her ears to block out the screams...
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CNN Heroes

cnn heroes

The outpouring from so many of you who have seen CNN Heroes and learned about HJWT is overwhelming. To read and hear your personal stories, what many of you have experienced, and that so many of you are survivors or are looking for a way overcome great hardships is an affirmation of the will of individuals to cope. Many of you have or are trying to figure out how to overcome the adversities in which you find yourself. I believe the The Way Will Open. To do so, one has to be open to the way and try every way they can to find the opening.

CNN Heroes came to HJWT in 2009 as things looked as bleak as they ever have. Now with CNNs work in getting out the message of HJWT, there is hope that resources and connections can be made to continue what HJWT has always done and to possibly introduce this unique model to many in the United States. Domestic abuse is a major problem in every state.

I want to thank you for sending your kind words. To those of you who have been able to help HJWT financially with your contribution, I and everyone at HJWT, especially our clients, are deeply grateful and thank you for your donations. Always through each year of our existence, HJWT has managed to take every bit of money that has come in to use for directly serving clients. When you read the HJWT website you will see that HJWTs innovative model, (used now only by HJWT, but could be used everywhere) gives the abused person everything they personally need to put their lives back together, helps them understand what happened and works with them to go forth to become independent. Ninety percent of HJWT clients do not return to or go onto other abusive relationships. Abused individuals, without full support to meet their individual needs, have a return rate that is much greater. Those that are never able to begin to get help and return to their abusers, more than likely, are destined to carry this pattern into the next generation of their families.

Thank you for connecting with HJWT

Wynona I. Ward

Thank you all for e-mailing me about the CNN Heroes Program. See much more on their website at: www.cnn.com

Due to client work and funding responsibilities to keep HJWT alive, I regret not answering each of you right away. As a non-profit, HJWT is struggling to survive in this country during this time of the financial downfall.

Across the country there are many who are suffering due to loss of jobs and no work available. Those who HJWT works with had no resources prior to the downfall, now they are even more destitute.

HJWT is a place they can come to for help and hope. If HJWT is no longer able to obtain funding we will be unable to continuing serving those who so desperately need our help.

Please send your contribution today.

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Again, many thanks for all your wonderful thoughts and wishes.

Wynona I. Ward

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